Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Visiting the pediatrician

I can remember the first time that I took C to the pediatrician and he had to have a vaccination. There I was with this tiny baby and I had to hold him down while a cruel, unfeeling nurse stabbed my innocent angel with a saber-sized needle. Tears rolling down my cheeks, I couldn't believe that I had to stand by while my baby was in pain and that I was participating.

Flash forward to today when I take F to the pediatrician for his two month checkup. I am ready with a bottle to stick in his mouth when the nurse finishes not one, but two shots. I don't blink as I brace his leg and I am reassuring the nurse that the baby won't hold a grudge and to go ahead and stick the kid.

Who is the cruel, unfeeling one now?

This is one of the many differences between your first kid and your third. With experience comes tolerance and the ability to ignore most things.

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  1. Laura! I am so excited to read your blog. Hope the kids are doing well! I still have yet to see F, but I am sure he is keeping you busy. I know my mom misses you at work.