My Slightly Crazed Life

I am sure my life is far less crazed than other mothers. It is even less crazed than that of other mothers that I know. If it were too crazed, I wouldn't have time to stop and write about it.

I have three children (all boys) under the age of four. With less than two years in age between each of them, things can get a little nuts around here from time to time. Like many little boys, my cherub/demon darlings (Callum, Max and Finn) have good days and bad, which is what makes life unpredictable.

Oh, and did I mention that I have a part-time job as well? I have worked for the same company since before I was married and they have been more than willing to let me and my family grow. They have allowed my full-time, in-office job morph gradually into a full-time from home (when Callum was born) to a part-time from home (when Finn was born), very flexible job. An understanding boss and coworkers are a necessary ingredient to a successful working mother's life and I thank my lucky stars for them everyday.

To cope with the aforementioned aspects of my life, I tend to heavily caffeinate myself, read when I can and write as much as possible. Above anything else, I have learned that taking time to myself to relax or just breathe makes me a better mother. A crazed mama makes for crazed children and crazed children tend to give mamas that twitchy look.