Friday, May 13, 2011

The Potty Chronicles, Pt. 1

Yesterday began the first round of potty training M, my second child. He will be three this summer and, more importantly, he is starting preschool in September. As a lot of you parents know, most preschools won't take non-potty trained kids - at least that is the case for us.

Potty training C was a nightmare. It took well over a year and involved lots and lots of negotiations, tantrums and crying (mostly on my part). I read books. I read blogs. I consulted my pediatrician. I asked other parents. I cried to my mother.

C got the hang of it eventually and headed off to his first year of preschool with no issues.

Now it is time for M to learn.

I made up my mind that yesterday was the day. There is no good day to start potty training. You just have to accept that you are in for a huge mess and a lot of stress and jump in with both feet and hope the fall isn't too far.

My tactics? No more diapers. We went straight into underwear.

I used training diapers with C and I think it just ended up prolonging the process. Ultimately, he could still go whenever and wherever he wanted to go.

So, how did M do on his first day of potty training?

After a lot of accidents, I finally got him in the same room as the toilet. After a few more accidents, I got him to sit on the toilet.

As I sat down to catch up on some emails before dinner, I heard that glorious sound that every potty-training parent longs to hear: the sound of pee hitting toilet water.

Praises were sung. Happy dances were done. The euphoria of a potty training success is right up at the top in terms of achievement in parenting.

But don't get too excited. Rome wasn't built in a day. In fact, I have a few days of starting Rome from scratch before I make a dent in the ultimate goal of one less child in diapers.

Now on Day Two, I am back to a lot of accidents, a bit of persuasion and seemingly endless amounts of patience. I have potty trained one and I know I can potty train another.

If I can get this done, I only have one more to go!

Tell me your potty training triumphs and nightmares!

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