Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New addition

Let me give you a short rundown of the situation:

C is 3 1/2
M is 1 1/2
F is 2 months
Husband without whom I certainly could not survive

All boys.
All the time.

Still on maternity leave from my full-time job, things have been somewhat under control so far. F is turning out to be the easiest baby of the bunch. I am fairly confident that any semblance of order will disappear when work comes back into the picture, but I can tackle that later.

Regardless of F's easy nature, I have started to resemble some sort of horror movie creature. I think a cross between a zombie and the Bride of Frankenstein (my hair is unpredictable these days) paints the most accurate portrait. I actually feel bad for my husband who comes home to this monster-wife hybrid after work every day. No amount of concealer is enough to perk up the sallow pallor I have developed after two months on maternity leave during a particularly gross winter.

Still learning how to juggle three kids along with the rest of life. Should be entertaining to follow me as I learn how!

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  1. AWESOME! I cannot wait to read this blog ALL the time. I'll be quite prepared by the time I have babies!